marcie’s playground

Sex and Candy. That’s what you PROBABLY think about when you think of Marcy Playground.

In one of my evening classes, there’s a classmate of mine who reminded me of Marcie (from the Peanuts), except me and my closest classmates couldn’t remember the character’s name.

For several days, I went around quizzing people “what’s the name of that girl who always called Peppermint Patty sir?” Nobody could remember and, strangely enough, nobody simply googled it. In its own way that was nice because it’s a rarity these days for someone to not just look it up.

Anyways, someone along these conversations, I got into a debate with someone about Marcie’s sexual preference. YES YES, we knew and recognized that Marcie was a child and likely not exploring her sexuality. However, if you’ve known kids prior to determining such a preference, you might have speculated which route they’d end up choosing.

SO – in this debate, I was steadfast that Marcie was of the traditional preference (because the comic strip actually shows her having a crush on Charlie Brown). My adversary was of the mind that Marcie was deep down interested in Peppermint Patty. The debate became less intellectual over time and more “I’m right, you’re wrong” (like most grown men tend to do).

Eventually, my opponent bested me by making the more hilarious point, which was;

We agree that this is the Marcie we’re talking about.

MOST would probably site this as the Marcy Playground.

But in fact, THIS is the Marcie Playground.

touche smartass, touche.

off the box,
mike EP