Anamanaguchi: where my geeks at?

Where my geeks at? I’m not making a call for a generally assembly of all geeks. LARPers, post-apocolypics, math club geeks and all the rest can go back into their caves. I’m not even going to suggest they go into metaphorical caves as we all know that the geeks we love pretty much live in caves.

The geeks I’m suggesting come out to play for this installment of SJSB are the video game geeks. Those who were raised on the NES or with an appreciation of it should have a similar loves for all music chiptune. WTF is chiptune you might ask? It’s music born from reviving the soundboards from old video game systems.

While this band, Anamanaguchi, didn’t make the cut for the Scott Pilgrim feature soundtrack, they did create the music for the ENTIRE Scott Pilgrim video game sountrack (which many geeks would argue is a better claim to geek fame).

Anyways, if you like what you hear, go to the Official Anamanaguchi Website for more of a fix.

Off the box,
mike EP