patrick wolf: telling you top of the morning at the top of his lungs

I like to think of daydreaming as basically a selfish and self-serving alternate reality. With that in mind, I believe that Patrick Wolf is an alternate reality version of the Cure’s Robert Smith, one in which Smith sees the silver lining of life and shouts it from the rafters.

Okay – the more I listen to Patrick Wolf, the more I think that the British are inherently depressed and rarely sing in a sun-shiney way (i.e. the Cure’s Friday I’m in Love).

Whatevs – Wolf is still a extremely talented oddity with a wild variety of instrumentation.

Plus – his song ‘the city’ is amazing.

Get more on the peculiar man at the Official Patrick Wolf Website.

Off the Box,
mike EP

p.s. if you didn’t catch it the first time around, you should give that picture of his a second look. You there?…Oh yeah…that’s a unicorn. Boom.