Selah Sue: Belgian Flower under a Jamaican Sun

Every human being is a collection of contradictions. Here’s one of mine. I love Bob Marley. His messages were always powerful and often championed the social issues of his homeland. He had an amazing voice and created unique and beautiful songs. BUT,by and large, I could do without reggae music. It’s a genre in which the vast majority of the music makers sound the same. As a music lover, that kills me a little bit.

Contradictions aside, I found an artist who puts a fresh face to reggae music. Seriously fresh. This kid is in her early 20s and is from Belgium.

Yes, I said Belgium. I don’t know about you, but first thought in my head was “How does a kid in Belgium get homegrown on reggae music?”

I dunno but at this point, I don’t really care. A bit poppy, a bit sassy, a great voice and a look that is sure unique enough to catch attention (she rocks the a disheveled beehive). Plus, she’s not strictly reggae. She has some soft singer-songwriter material, some soul numbers (she likes to cover Erika Badu).

OH YEAH – she’s doing a U.S. tour AS WE SPEAK (er, as you read).

NYC tonight and westward tonight.

Find out more at the Official Selah Sue Website.

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