Mike and the Moonpies: Women, Wooing, Booze and Regrets (in that order)

Even though I was steadfastly against it as a youngster, my dad told me “son, someday you’re going to learn how to dance.” I first told him that would NEVER happen. Then, after a few seconds of recounting how he had a nasty habit of telling my future, I asked why he thought that I’d do something that I presently hated.

With a wry smile he said “Mike, you’re going to learn to dance for the same reason that every other man does. Because women like dancing.”

Touche Poppa Joe. Touche.

Even if I’d known how right he’d be later, I’d still have thought “I’ve seen line dancing. How hard can it be?” And if you’ve thought yourself that country is the musical equivalent of a one trick pony, you’d be dead wrong. The quickest way you can learn the error of your ways is to listen to Mike & the Moonpies.

These Austin-based good ol’ boys play tunes that really do show the genre in its complete spectrum. They do a damn good job of it too. Granted, they’ve a lot of the foundational themes that are equally loved and mocked in country: women, wooing, booze and regrets (I find those elements actually come in that order).

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting frontman Mike Harmeier and interviewed him for my former radio show. Nice feller and great musician. If you’ve been looking for a new favorite local band in Central Texas, give them a try, they’re a hoot!

Get more on the boys, their upcoming new album and their regular touring schedule at the Mike and the Moonpies Website.

Off the box,
Mike EP