city and colour: misery loves company

Some of the best signer-songwriter material I’ve ever heard has come from City & Colour. A clever name for the music of Canadian Dallas Greene (yes, that’s his real name).

He’s one of those artists who, while huge in his neck of the woods, hasn’t really gotten the kind of press and following stateside that I think his talent merits.

If I’m guessing, it’s probably because sad bastard music isn’t the most marketable nor do corporations want his tracks to brand their products. Really though, what kind of product do you think would sell better attached to such emotionally raw music?

Guesses anyone?

First thought I had was tissues. Do therapists advertise? If they do, maybe they’d use his stuff.

I really am not trying to knock the music. I think it has a kind of emotional release to it that the miserable would find comforting. Why? Why else – misery loves company.

On a side note – I’ve had the fortune to see Mr. Greene two times. Both years ago – once at ACL (2008?) and at Central Presbyterian in Austin (Lissie played as opener). You wouldn’t think such a big voice could come out of this chap, what with his fully tatted body and plain attire. But it does flow – so passionately and powerfully.

More on this man and his music at the Official City and Colour Website.

Off the box,
Mike EP