ghostpoet: painted into a corner

British hip hop has always seemed to have less of a hard edge than our version on this side of the pond. Yes, I realize that’s a broadly sweeping generalization. Nonetheless, by and large (aka generalization), U.S. hip hop is flashy, in your face and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUD! The auditory equivalent of “shock and awe”.

Like other rappers across the pond, Ghostpoet has a delivery that feels so relaxed and chill that just listening to it makes me feel a bit subdued. If his sound doesn’t convey that enough, just look at the chap. He looks like he’d be behind the counter at a coffee shop or at a creatively cluttered designer’s desk.

There is a lot of electronica in his music, but as he actually does DJ work as well, that’s no surprise. I’ve included one of his DJ sets above. Pretty solid stuff and, at present, you can download it for free from his soundcloud site.

Here’s a link to the official Ghostpoet Site.

Off the box,
mike EP