grieves: hoodie hip hop without the cookie cutter platform

I LOVE the rap battles featured in films like 8 mile.

Raised in Austin Texas, you’re probably not surprised to know that I have little first hand experiences of what it looks like for a rapper to come up in the music scene.

Okay, that’s total bull. I know NOTHING about the real world of rap. Somehow I don’t think Puff Daddy’s tv segments have done it justice either (though I skipped that).

Point being, is, if there is a rap battle scene, I imagine that our boy Grieves may have caught a bit of shit coming up in it. He doesn’t exactly fit the mold of the stereotypical rapper. Then again, what the hell do stereotypes matter when it comes to talent? Cuz he’s got that. His material is creative and steers clear of the egotism that has so long been a cornerstone of hip hop.

If you want more on him, check out the Official Grieves Website

Off the box,
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