∆ (alt-J): these are not the squares you’re looking for

Chill and creative, Alt J feel like a mixture between pop and ambiance. They were also rather creative about their name, as the name of the band is pronounced as ‘Alt J’. The actual name of the band is a triangle. Yeah, the symbol.

If anyone has any great Prince jokes right now, be sure to share them. I’m only glad that their name is easily searchable. Can you imagine if Prince had never gone by Prince but rather started off and was always known as the symbol he went by for a few years. How the hell do you find that on the internet?

Getting off Prince, alt J has some great tunes. Good for a beautiful day or just relaxing.

More on them at the official Alt J website.

Off the box,
mike EP

This song, breeze blocks, I love. The video is something of a puzzle. I’ve watched it a few times and gone back and forth with Petro (my editor) on the finer points of the details, we’re of the mind the story goes like this:
• hubby gets home
• hubby discovers his wife bound & gagged in closet
• girl with knife tries to kill hubby
• hubby fights back
• girl dies at hands of hubby
• breeze block pivotal in his victory but
• girl dies by drowning