brick + mortar: A demon on one shoulder and a monster on the other

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I love that phrase. It’s also how I typically feel in relation to remixes. Think about it. People don’t remix crappy songs. They take a good song and then loop the hell out of the track, dropping fat bass beats and layer upon layer of electronica upon it (sometimes with get some science fiction lyrics in there too). If you’ve ever picked on someone for rave music and you haven’t seen Homestar Runner’s Strongbad slam on techno, you’ve missed a gem.

On rare occasion, a DJ does a track right and then I become that teenage raver kid screaming “oh damn! Thas my jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!!!” Ahem….excuse me. Baauer did Brick + Mortar’s track right and it is awesome.

This acoustic recording of Heatstroke above is pretty amazing too though on the opposite end of the Baauer remix spectrum. I think it’s a beautiful thing when you get an artist willing to strip all the production off their sound and it STILL sounds great. Plus, in this recording, they use a suitcase as a drumkit! That reminds me of Elliot Brood (who I’ll have to do a feature on now).

Generally, I really dig on the lyrical creativity of this artist. Props to MS MR for building such an awesome mixtape (which included this track).

More on this band at the Official brick + mortar Website.

Off the box,
Mike EP