lucy rose: soothing serenades on the meat-grinder of love

Lucy Rose has girl next door written all over her: quirky and comfortable dresser who’s put her heart on the line enough to know that people walk all over it. Thankfully for us (and I’m guessing for this young miss) she’s put those tough times to tunes.

So yes, these songs are blotted with heartache and heartbreak and while it sounds counterintuitive, listening to them somehow makes you feel better about them. Yeah yeah yeah, those times SUCKED. And yes, saying they “sucked” is likely an understatement to each of you who has gone into the meat grinder that is love and come out the other end beaten, blue and broken. But you and I endured it. Getting through experiences like that change you. Some of us grow callused, some cautious, some just all the more desperate to find something that makes you feel loved. For you, me and the rest of the suckers who risk putting themselves out there, I can only hope we all get smarter the elusive and intangible thing that is happiness.

So, if you’re a bleeding heart who loves your singer-songwriter sap, Lucy Rose is for you. And if, after reading this, you’re wondering if I’m a closet fan of the nationally syndicated radio personality Delilah, all I have to say is “Suck it Delilah!”

For more from the young brit, go to the Official lucy rose Website.

Off the Box,
Mike EP