Haim: Wilson Phillips reborn (except cool and crass and with talent)

You know how most women have this unadulterated love for Wilson Phillips and most guys wonder what the hell is wrong with them? Hold on ladies – I’m speaking strictly in regards to your love for Wilson Phillips (especially their horrible overcoming adversity anthem – ‘Hold On’). In no way am I insinuating anything else at all.

…Uh-hum. So, Wilson Phillips. If Wilson Phillips were as cool to guys as they are in the minds of the opposite gender, they’d be a lot more like Haim (pronounced ‘Hi-um’). They so outwardly act silly that it can be taken no other way that they are having the time of their lives. They wear dark sunglasses in pretty much all their photos, making me think that last night, they partied their asses off. they also say completely inappropriate stuff (see last five seconds of acoustic version of ‘go slow’ below).

Personally – the Wire is my favorite track. I thought the show was pretty phenomenal too.

This acoustic version is great.

If you LOVE hearing chicks tell crass stuff, watch this video. In the last five seconds, one of the Haim sisters tells you a horrible pick up line and follows it up with “Panties on the floor.” Priceless.

These ladies seem like a really good time and have great tunes. A little on the girlie pop side but so much fun that it doesn’t feel right trying to put them in that genre bucket alone.

If you dig them, be sure to visit the Official Haim Website.

Off the box,
Mike EP