blood red shoes: why amps should go to ’11’

You know that scene in Spinal Tap where Nigel explains how their amps go to 11? There are songs and bands that you listen to where as loud as it goes isn’t good enough. Blood Red Shoes is one of those bands.

Since I already references Spinal Tap, which many of you probably feel is one of the worst spoof movies out there (for a long time I agreed with you, until I learned the definition of ironic humor). If you’ve already got a twinged face due to that reference, you’ll probably lose your shit over this one. Soooooooooooo, I may or may not have found out about this band from the Scott Pilgram vs. The World soundtrack. For shame? Hell no. At least it was a soundtrack that actually fit well with the movie and kicked some ass along the way.

Here’s the link to the Official Blood Red Shoes Website.

Off the Box,
Mike EP