the definition of a billion

During research on the Frankmusik post, I was flabbergasted to find that Rick Astely’s ‘Never Gonna Give you Up’has been viewed over 117 million times (two separate videos actually, one has 64 million views and the other has 53 million views).

I couldn’t help but think that Rick Astely’s video MUST be the all time most viewed video on YouTube (thank you Rick Rolling). Not knowing for certain though, I set out to find the answer.

And I did. Surprised by the answer, I decided to quiz my better half on it. Here’s how the conversation went.

Me: Guess what the most highly viewed video is, in the history of YouTube.

She: Tell me.

Me: It’s the Evolution of Dance video.

She: I love that video!

Me: Of course you do. I’m sure you’re responsible for at least 200 views.

She: well at least 5 of them.

Me: Okay. One more question. How many times has it been viewed?

She: Tell me if if the number is higher or lower. 25 million?

Me: Higher.

She: 48 million?

Me: Higher.

She: 117 million?

Me: Higher.

She: A billion.

Me: …..A billion?

She: Yeah.

Me: You know what a billion is?

She: Yes, I know what a billion is

Me: its a THOUSAND million

She: yeah….. I’m aware.

Me: Yeah babe…that’s WAY too high.

off the box,
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