frankmusik: turning heartbreak into bass heavy beats

For whatever reason, I just had the strangest musical association. You know how some new artists remind you of artists that have come before? Watching Frankmusik’s videos somehow remind me of Rick Astely.

And now that I JUST NOW watched a Rick Astely video, I feel that Frankmusik may be the Rick Astely of our day. His dance moves are similar and video schemes have a similar format. Weird.*

Ever since I found out about Frankmusik, he’s taken up a little space in my catalog. The stuff I’ve really dug has proven good for workout playlist. It’s upbeat, fused with electronic beats and has a general theme of failing relationships. Not all his tracks are like that mind you, just the ones that are in rotation. Check this.

Thoughts on Frankmusik tracks in rotation:
3 little words – You want love and I want fun
Better off as 2 – This shit ain’t working out
Losing Streak – Role reversal (I’m getting burned and hating life)

If only life were so fair in doling out situations based on their actions. You know, the whole “reap what you sow” thing. That would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I ain’t holding my breath on that though. I’d encourage you to go ahead and keep expecting life to be life; unpredictable, unfair and without mulligans.

Props to Bug for turning me onto Frankmusik some time back.

Go to the Official Frankmusik Website for more.

* for those wondering, yes I do feel ashamed for referencing Rick Astely and demonstrating a familiarity with his music. I will not be surprised if someone tries to Rick Roll my ass for that.

Off the Box,
Mike EP