MS MR: A Soundtrack For Dreaming

I want to take you right to the videos.

Hurricane –
That’s right; More equally low budget and bizarre videos. The difference? This video holds my attention because I honestly believe it is sick. We’re talking west coast ‘sick’ here (not the traditional ‘sick’ as in ‘ill’).

Bones – Like most Gen X kids, I’ve an affinity for David Bowie and, yes, the movie Labyrinth. I would have probably liked both more if Bowie HAD NOT been partially responsible for the soundtrack (I’ll give you ‘Dance Magic’ but that’s it). I think the sound of Bones would have gone a long way to give Labyrinth the kind of beautiful and bizarre vibe the movie landed so well. Too bad the band came a quarter century too late.

Here’s a link to the Official MS MR website.

Off the box,
Mike EP

p.s. – this isn’t MS MR material, but a mix tape of sorts with lots of chill tunes on it. Enjoy!