ellie goulding: melding fads & fans

I know Ellie Goulding already gets lots of play. That being said, I could not pass on telling you that this video deserves a viewing.

Yes, Ellie Goulding is pop/electronica bliss. It’s hard not to be happy and dance to her numbers. Between her vocals and the production of Starsmith and other mixmasters, it is awesome amplified.

Speaking of amplified awesome, take her track ‘anything could happen’, splice together hundreds of instragram photos, put the lyrics of the song atop the images and BOOM! There you have the amplification of awesome.

Oh wait…you don’t have to do that. SOMEONE ALREADY DID! Boy, they just saved all of us A WORLD of work. Seriously now, the put into this turned out fantastically.

1200 fans sent Instragram pictures in to aid in the creation of this video. The Ellie Goulding people did an amazing job of putting it all together. And, last but not least, Ellie & her mixmasters made another great track.

Damn you Great Britain. Damn you for your ridiculous ability to birth pop sensations! I’ve hit replay about 5 times in a row!!!

Off the box,
mike ep