Reptar: A Hippy, Trippy Buzz of Audio Please (and questionable visualization)

Here you have the fun of Vampire Weekend without the Oxford cardigans and Reggae motif. I know what you’re thinking, without the cardigans and reggae, what is left of vampire weekend? Well, fun.

Reptar is a one of the up & comer buzz bands. They feel like they should be in a happy summer montage. You know that scene in the middle of the movie where everything is picture perfect; the sun is always just above the horizon, everyone is happy and and in love and no one ever seems to have to go to work.

I’ve included two pictures of the band. The first because I think it most accurately portrays the band with their sound; a little hippy and trippy.

The second one because…well, just look at it. My knee jerk desire is to get up on my high horse and LET THE JUDGING COMMENCE! Then, well…then I remember that there’s a picture out there in the world of me posed just so in between the rows of a vinyeard that is covered in posies. My sister once threatened to send it in as an amateur submission to playgirl magazine. That reminds me I really should attempt to find that thing. Hmmm…

Lets talk more on pictures other than mine.

If you’re old enough to remember the Rocky Horror Picture Show, you’ll probably get a smile from watching this video. If you don’t, you’ll probably just judge it as low budget weirdness.

These guys are on Vagrant records, right? Come on Vagrant! Produce a video that’s worthy of their sound!

Okay – now it’s just become the visual equivalent of a car crash; I CAN’T STOP WATCHING! Maybe that’s the trick? No…no, that can’t be it. Most peeps wouldn’t have the endurance for this.

If you want more music by the band, check out the Official Reptar Website.

Off the box,
mike EP