The Thermals: when you just need a little “f**k you” in your music

Some days, you need a little “fuck you” in your music. Recent dealings with government bureaucracy and realtors (separate issues) made me want to turn the music way up, work my body to near collapse and have a god damn beer.

Now I don’t know why the Thermals feel the need to be so loud or causes them to have such angry energy, but I’m sure glad they do. If there’s a right way to be pissed and productive, they’ve hit the nail on the head.

Now we can see – I wish I had a room like this. One covered in music posters.

I don’t believe you – The band rocks out in a tin crate while a rightfully paranoid woman tears her house apart in an attempt to turn off the most elusive snooze button since the mobile Nanda alarm clock. The only possible clock that could be worse is the Flying Alarm Clock with accompanied air raid siren.

Rock out to more at the Thermals Official Website.

Off the box,
Mike EP