Luke Winslow-King: New Fangled and Old Timey

Do you remember, miss and love the static and crackle of records? If so, Luke “Winslow-King is probably for you. Well, that and the sounds of the Delta.

His musical foundation is based on pre-war blues, delta folk music and ragtime. However, the man rarely does covers. Even more rarely does he perform live. Damn, it’d be cool to see him perform in an intimate venue. With Luke, you get a lot of wah wah horns, dixieland pee-anna* and lots and lots of slide guitar that feels appropriately jazzy. There is also what sounds like a washboard. Wait…wait… Okay, confirmation. Luke’s performances do actually feature the musical stylings of a washboard (played by one Esther Rose).

More at the Official Luke Winslow-King Website.

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*yes, we write phonetically here sometimes.