Bryan John Appleby: His Sins and Our Salvation

In the land of 2 minute diddies and cross-over audience appeal, I have grown especially fond of styles that go against the grain. Bryan John Applyby’s ‘Boys’ feels like an epic movie. Slow and gentle in the beginning. Midway through the seven minute tale, it gets loud & forceful.

I haven’t really quite got the essence of the song yet, but I know I dig it. Is it a tale of a man who sins to feed his family or one of not understanding the purpose of the maker? Hell if I know but its good mood music (possibly for artistic ventures).

And hey! What’s that? In the video above, the guy rowing the boat and singing back up vocals is the lead singer from Campfire Ok! Birds of a feather, I tell ya.

Here’s a link to the Official Bryan John Appleby Webiste.

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