April Smith: Pleased as Punch Drunk Love

April Smith strikes me as one of those artists that is just so damned happy to be doing what she’s doing that nothing, I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, can bring her down from that cloud she’s on.

You want more than my opinion? Fine then. Let’s examine the evidence.

Exhibit A – her album cover (see below). April is sitting cross-legged on a floating piece of wreckage, likely from the ship sinking in the background. Does she look worried? No. She looks joyous as she plays an accordion and sings to the deep blue.

Exhibit B – Let’s talk about the Terrible Things video. April Smith jovially goes about her day with a bright smile. The ‘to do’ list includes
1. Play dress up with corpses
2. Grinding meat (presumably from said corpses) to cook and serve at…
3. A dinner party – during which she will poison all her guests (which means more corpses and dress up and meat).

Exhibit C – her face. Actors can’t fake a smile that genuine!

Investigation aside, her music has lots of pizzazz and she has a voice that’s both powerful and passionately delivered. I look forward to her tour (AHEM…that goes through Austin,Texas…AHEM) and her sophomore album.

Get more at the April Smith Official Website.

Off the Box
Mike EP

p.s. props to Pouncey for turning me onto April Smith.