Keegan Dewitt: Getting to the Center of it All (and telling us about it)

Listen to these
– Reluctance
– Two Hearts
– Thunder Clatter
– Say La La
– Michel Bizot

It’s music like this that helps keep the part of me that is a hopeless romantic alive. I almost can’t put words too it, but hey, I’ll give it a shot.
The songs…have the feel of naïve teen-agers in their first bout with love and affection. Sometimes sad, sometimes enthusiastic, your heart almost seems to beat in time with the rhythm of the songs. Cool or creepy. What if Keegan stopped playing and my heart stopped beating??? Okay – totally unrealistic fear but just in case, Keegan, keep playing!

Youthful silliness aside, this guy not only plays good music, he’s involved with ventures and artists that make me like him all the more, to name a few: Madi Diaz (featured a few months ago on SJSB), Isaaca Bird (of the Bridges), Roman Candle (the band of his sister & brother-in-law) and Bryan Cates (relatively undiscovered singer-songwriter) and Daytrotter (one of the best ways to find new music today).

More about him at the Keegan Dewitt Official Website.

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