Wolf in a Spacesuit: Making Mistakes Evolve

Listen to these
– 700,000,000 Miles
– Bark of a Cedar
– No Birds Fly
– Like a Lover

Put a little seduction in a song, some keys and catchy hooks in the rhythm and you have Wolf in a Spacesuit (WIAS). From the name alone, you’d probably be correct in guessing they’re a little kooky too.

So what if they’re a little weird, they make some damn good tunes. Their daytrotter session might just be my all time favorite session. Okay – the Lumineers are up there too, but those kids are already getting loads of attention. We’re here to love on some WIAS.

In the intro of their session, you hear someone say “You just got beach housed” at the end. I could be misinterpreting this, but it kinda felt like a slam on the band named Beach House. While I know little of that band, it made me crack up. While you hear hip hop artists slam other artists all the time, you rarely hear artists of other genres slamming each other. I probably totally missed what they were trying to say, but it made me laugh nonetheless.

Here’s a link to the Official Wolf in a Spacesuit Website.

Off the box,
mike EP