Chris Garneau: Bleakness to Blot out the Sun

Listen to these:
– Fireflies
– Dirty Night Clowns
– Betweem the Bars (Elliot Smith cover)
– over and over
– Baby’s Romance

Are you or is someone you love a sad bastard? Well, even if you’re not, this is the kind of music you’d gift to someone who might be on the edge (and you’re just cruel enough of a human being to be the one to give it to ’em). Many of the numbers are slow, melodic solo performances with only piano accompaniment. Aside from the many songs he does that could be found on an ironic suicide hotline hold music playlist, is some freaky deaky shit.

Let’s take “fireflies.” The song alone is a bit bizarre, what with the changes in tempo and garneau’s unexpected falsetto. Now take the track alongside the video (featured above). It feels like a trippy live version of a Zelda adventure.

Then you get “dirty night clowns.” I’m glad Garneau’s enjoying some success because I’d wager this man has some dark and creepy dreams. The lyrics are dark, I think my favorite line is “I will never be dirt free.” The video has everything a nightmare could want – skeletons, dancing bears, puppets, clowns, walking alone in the woods.

But the music really is beautiful, even with sadness bleak enough to blot out the sun.

Get deeper in the muck at the Official Chris Garneau Website. Be sure to write a note for us to find before you head there.

Off the box,
mike ep