tUnE-yArDs: A Seussian Wonderland of Sound

Listen to this
– You yes you
– Bizness
– Gangsta
– Lions

Elvis isn’t dead. Neither is Biggie. Tupac? Not dead. Jesus? Okay, he’s dead, though it was for YOUR sins.

You may not know this but there is another name on the famous-but-not-really-dead list: Dr. Seuss. Yep. Hand to god. And he living it up in his sunset career as a music producer. His most recent handiwork has been in honing the sounds and squawks of the Tune Yards.

…Okay. The Suessian tie, total fabrication. Sure sounds like it could be true though, right? In truth, Merrill Garbus, the brains behind Tune-Yards, produced their first album all on her own. Their sound is all over the place, being so strange to the ear yet so playful and fun. Whether you think they’re wildly talented or just wild, they do provide some interesting eye and ear candy.

Go to the Official Tune Yards Website for more!

Off the box,