Oh Land’s “Son of a Gun” (Yuksek Remix)

Oh Land made a pretty good splash when her debut LP came out. I’ve got to be honest here folks, I don’t really get what the hubbub was all about. I’m not knocking her, really and truly but (there’s always a but, right?), BUT you Oh Land fans can have that kool aid all to yourselves. I ain’t having it.

…at least that’s what I’d told myself. Then that crafty frenchman Yuksek had to go ahead and make her hit song ‘Sun of a Gun’ actually worthy of it ‘hit’ status. Now it’s on my running playlist. The lyrics are quirky and catchy. And the story itself is familiar to pretty much women everywhere. And if you don’t know how this story goes, you will ladies, oh you will! It goes Girl Meets Bad Boy, Girl Goes Gaga, Girl gets Burned.

Favorite line like “You can make the blue sky blush”

I Actually, I’d have never found it if Miss Lanmon at the office hadn’t given me a mix tape, er, loaned me rather (it was gifted to her). I think Alamo Drafthouse might have actually exposed it to me once, during once of the previews for the month to come. Does anyone remember Alamo Drafthouse using this track?

Here’s the original version if you missed it the first time around.

Off the Box,
Mike EP

p.s. Can I get some Kool Aid down here?