Karima Francis: Cry Baby Cry

Listen to these:
– Glory Days
– Hold You
– Chasing the Morning Light
– Morse Code
– Remember Your Name
– Francis

Been awhile since your last big cry? I don’t know why, but listening to Karima Francis makes me feel like I should be bawling big maudlin tears as my world crumbles around me without a friend in the world or a pot to piss in.

This might seem like a contradiction, but her music is generally great break up music. Well, only if it’s one of those break ups you regret with the very essence of your being. If you’re totally cool with the hatchet taking down the tree in which you were so recently K-I-S-S-I-N-G, then you’re better off with something more upbeat and sunshiny. Her sound = heart wrenching. I don’t even want to know how many trees had to die because of all the tissue boxes she went through.

That said, it is beautiful music and her voice is amazing. Those pipes of hers are quite enviable. Its filled with the kind of raw emotion that tells you the storyteller travelled through dark times to share her tale. I think everyone probably has a time where their heart and soul felt the way these songs sound. How about you? Can you name a time when you felt broken and empty and there was no light in your tunnel, near or far, just darkness?

Off the box,
Mike EP