imaginary cities: Detroit and Winnipeg have a baby

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If you feel as I do, you believe most R&B today is…not great. Being raised on Motown and soul-infused sounds, my love of that kind of music has survived the waste that has been R&B for a long time. Thanks be to the powers that be, there’s been a resurgence of soul music recently. Or rather, it’s probably more accurate to say that people who grew up as I did, loving soul music, have begun to create music that has roots in soul. And the kind of stuff they’re producing is pretty damned awesome.
Canadian band Imaginary Cities is one of those bands. The singer of the duo is Marti Sarbit and, considering how the band met each other, I have a feeling she’s genuinely in love with that old soul sound. Her partner in crime Rusty Matyas (formerly of the Weakerthans) found her while she was in a Motown cover band. Serendipity.

While dedicated to the old sound, the pair has definitely made a sound all their own. Rusy does the lion’s share of the composition and Marti’s voice is perfect for the style of music. Together they are awesome.

I admit I was a little surprised to hear they were the opening act for the Pixies on a recent tour. If you love the Pixies and like this new sound, how do you think you’d react to seeing a performance where those two artists share the stage? I love the Pixies and I love this band but complimentary sounds? I don’t know…my jury’s still out.

Off the box,
Mike ep

Get more of them at the Official Imaginary Cities Website.

Off the box,
Mike ep