Octopus Project: Get Happy With Weird

Listen to…
– Tuxedo Hat
– Truck
– The Adjustor
– Fuguefat

Why aren’t there more eclectic experimental bands like Octopus Project? It really feels like they’re the only one worth a damn in recent history. If you’re a long-haired hippy or habitually attend Burning Man or Bonnaroo, you’d likely want to contest this belief. And let’s not go down the rabbit hole of bringing up all the amazing electronic artists out there. Yes, there are a plethora of those. What I want to hear you say is that those guys actually play their instruments in front of a crowd. And no, a MacBook does not count as an instrument.

While I can’t say that I’m hip to all of their material and can agree that they do some weird stuff with their tracks. But when these guys are on, they are ON. This kind of music is amazing for tuning out: go running, knock out monotonous chores, walk your dog. Personally, I think it’s best for active stuff (like the running). Which is why they’re on my Spotify playlist titled ‘motivation to run like the ground is falling behind you’.

Oh – and their occasional weirdness doesn’t just extend to their sound. Those videos are freakin nuts. I get the feeling that the video for ‘Truck’ is how they see the world. God I hope they’re medicated.

They may not have the look or sound of some hard metal band, but I’d discourage making fun of them. Just look at their promotional pictures below. In one, they’re sitting pretty and there’s some kid sitting there crying. Same looks in the next one, except now we have creepy mask pink hoodie guy saying “Hi! There are my peeps. Mess with them and I’ll eat your face so that I can grow more eyeballs.” Yikes.

I couldn’t find the official website, so here’s the Official Octopus Project Facebook Page.

Off the box,
Mike EP