the jezabels: pounding out the the contents of their bleeding hearts

Relive those soaring highs and horrible lows with
– Endless Summer
– Prisoner
– City Girl
– A little piece
– Try Colour
– Hurt Me

As a fairly logical thinker, I find matter of the heart to be a damnable thorn in my side. You have two people who want, let’s say shelter. Not a nice hotel or a bed and breakfast getaway. We are talking Mary and Joseph, away-in-the-manger sort of lodging; a place in which one could sustain life while sleeping. These two people, seeking shelter, will take the most logically sound route and find a suitable place to hole up. Now you have the same two people who want to find love and there is a spark between them.

From the first spark on, everything goes to hell; each word and action is dissected, time between contact treated as if one’s been quarantined and people you perceive as attractive to the person you’re interested in are deemed enemies and you immediately begin to wonder how to remove them from the situation. Basically, you go crazy and all the little things in life are blown up to gargantuan proportions, or, molehills to mountains.

Listening to Jezebels gives me hints of those crazy feelings and times. It’s like you’re on a drug; all the senses are heightened and the burden of living your present life is near too much to bear. The sweeping swells of the jezebels are good music for accentuating those emotions. If you like to revel in the muck of your bleeding heart (or know someone who does), then this metaphorical shoe would definitely fit.

More on the band and whereabouts at the Jezabels Official Website.

Off the box,
Mike EP