Walk the Moon: the party you don’t want to miss

When I was younger, I’d sometimes hear about a party that I KNEW, beyond doubt, that I was not going to receive an invite to. In my mind, I’d play out the awesomeness of the party I was missing; no adults,a multitude of gorgeous girls and wine coolers as far as the eye can see. I hope you’ve guessed that these parties happened when I was a teenager. As a grown-up, I’ve come to realize most parties aren’t but a smidge of the excitement you’re hoping for. Most often, the best you can hope for is that someone makes a horrible ass of themselves (and that ass is not you).

Walk the Moon makes me reconsider my adult conclusions about what you expect a party to be. Forget what you know about pop rock bands or your concept of fun. Listening to their music along with watching their videos has me giddy and itching to attend a show. They literally turn their crowd into groupies. The band wears face paints and brings enough to get their crowds all rainbowed up. ½ their videos show throngs of people joining in on the performance. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Before these guys starting recently playing in the majors, they released a series of hilarious videos that, while very low budget, are more fun than most people I know. I kid you not, there are songs that during the first go round, on audio alone, got skipped. Then I listened to those same songs with the videos, I was like “THIS IS AWESOME!!!” I haven’t had a glimpse of such goofy people willing to embarrass themselves AND be worth watching since the Ok Go videos.

Get the deets of the next party at the Official Walk the Moon Website.

Off the box,
Mike ep