Paloma Faith: A flashy and jazzy Songbird worth catching

Hey cool cats, dig these tracks
– Upside Down
– New York
– Stone Cold Sober
– Picking Up the Pieces
– My Legs Are Weak

One thing that I thank Amy Winehouse for, aside from the occasional
cheap laugh, is pushing soul music back into the popular conscience.
Paloma Faith is an artist who wants to welcome you to the revival and
show you what it’s all about. Despite her talent and output, this
British songstress has remained under the radar. As to why that is, I
haven’t the slightest idea.

This young lady was raised on the jazz and lounge greats of days gone
by. Their influence is apparent in all aspects of her act, the sound,
the dress, even her hair. As you can see from the pictures and videos
I’ve presented to you, its no surprise she turned some heads, as she’s
created for herself quite the look.

Find out more at the Official Paloma Faith Website.

Off the Box,
Mike EP