Noonie Bao: Reveling in all the colors of the Rainbow

Electronica Pop on Tap
– About to Tell (acoustic)
– Do You Still Care
– About to Tell

In trying to find out about Noonie Bao, I tumbled down the rabbit hole and discovered more about the Swedish version of YouTube and the Hindu Festival Holi than I ever did on the artist in question. If you’re wondering, yes, the two are connected.

At 24 years old, the beautiful sounding Noonie Bao doesn’t air much on herself and history. While I think her sound is unique, the small bit of her story she’s shared thus far has yet to be worthy of a “Behind the Artist” feature. She was an outcast in her schooling days, she went on to university but dropped out, she moved to a small town out in the country to hone her craft then came back to the world and got signed as a producer and recording artist for EMI. I know. You’re shocked.

Regardless of that yawn-worthy narrative (potentially even more dry due to my efforts), she has some good stuff. Enjoy!

Get more than my two sense at the Official Noonie Bao Website.

By-the-bye, if you wanted to know why I looked up Holi and the video for ‘Do You Still Care’ didn’t give it away, read the Holi Wiki to find out why.

Off the Box,
Mike EP