P.O.S.: …is ruining your life

Listen here and wonder what just happened to your ears
– Let It Rattle
– Never Better
– Purexed
– Optimist
– Drumroll
– P.O.S. is ruining my life
– Goodbye
– Get Smokes
In an industry where most everyone is trying to find a way to break in, P.O.S. and the rest of the Doomtree collective are smirking on the outside. This crew is so much more than your staple hip hop click. They make up a Collective. That means they do everything on their own and in the way they want to. If they answer to anyone, it’s to each other, their fans and their own consciousness.

Dessa (featured earlier this year on SJSB) is one of the several members of the Doomtree Collective. P.O.S., while very much his own tortured soul, is of the same ilk and mindset. His beats are innovative, often assertive and hypnotizing. His lyrics read like a journal of a man convinced that putting it all down might keep the demons just a little more at bay. While hybrid descriptions can be obnoxious, its most fair to call the style of music Rap Rock. I know aggression is not new to Hip Hop but listen to the above tracks and you might hear what I mean.

The whole collective have a habit of touring together. On stage, they round robin the mic and keep an awesome amount of energy going on stage which bleeds into the crowd of fiercely dedicated fans. Hell, next time you might be one of them.

P.O.S. doesn’t maintain his own website but lives within the Official Doomtree Website.

Off the box,
Mike EP