Jhameel: Young Talent Touched by Michael Jackson (metaphorically)

Revel in the passionate displays of a man who grew up loving MJ and Prince with these
– White Lie
– Are You Free
– Shadow of a Man
– Collision
– Bernal Heights
– The Long Run

The U.S. Army nearly got their hands on Jhameel. To look at the man, you might wonder why they were interested in the first place (no offense Jhameel). Well, what they missed out on is a guy who I’m guessing was intellectually off the charts at an early age. His ability with linguistics is what I’m guessing so metaphorically wet their whistle. Jhameel is fluent in multiple languages, including Spanish, Korean, Russian and English. Oh yeah, and he earned a degree in Arabic from UC Berkeley in only two years (graduating summa cum laude to boot). So, he’s kind of a brain.

As parents, would you be proud? You’d think so. In YouTube testimonials though, seems as though Jhameel’s mother has been drowning in her tears with his decision to leave the world of academia and linguistics to become a performing artist. He got his inspiration from MJ and Prince alike, which comes through in his tracks. His dance moves though, you’ve got me there. Alls I can really say is that he does it with enthusiasm. His marketing tactics is one of the things I was most amused by; he promised to perform drunk for every 1,000 Facebook fans he got (and honored it every time he promised). I included the videos above. Whether you think its legit or not, got to admit it’s a clever idea.

Find out more about the man and his music at the Official Jhameel Website.

Off the Box,
Mike EP

p.s. Shout out to Pouncey for leading me to Jhameel. Like your taste buddy.