little dragon: churning out puffs of chill ambience

Absolutly guaranteed to chill you out
– Ritual Union
– Sunshine
– Shuffle A Dream
– Twice
– Please Turn

Disclaimer: Drugs are bad. However, IF you did drugs, I’m betting Little Dragon would be the kind of soundtrack that would likely allow you to have a chill and positive experience. More likely, you’d be drinking along to this music. And if you were drinking, it’d probably be Absolut Vodka. Why ever would a blogger make such a random marketing plug? Well, if you ever heard the phrase ‘ad placement’ and wondered exactly what that meant, you should watch their video for Sunshine. It’s near as blatant as the Snapple ad in the 30 rock episode (though without the hilarity).

Back to the band, Little Dragon is pop music who like pop music in theory but find the music they hear on the stations don’t stand up to their expectations. This foursome from Gothenburg, Sweden is a testament to the idea that hard work, perseverance and positivity can make your dreams come true. Okay, maybe positivity wasn’t always a part of their mantra. Fact is, the band’s name comes from a nickname front woman Yukimi Nagano earned from recording session tantrums in their younger years. The members have been friends since high school and formed the band in 1996. I can’t help but wonder if the origin of the band’s name is attributed at all to the fact that they didn’t start releasing recorded material until 2007. Who knows.

What can and should be said is what they do put out is solid, unique and guaranteed to help set any environment with good vibes. More about their music and whereabouts at the Official Little Dragon Website.

Off the box,
Mike EP