air dubai: a melting pot masterpiece that’s put you on your feet before knocking you off of them

Holy smokes! This will be my third straight Denver feature this week. WTF right? Stricken initially by the thought that I should mix it up more and then BOOM; I had one of those kismet moments. While you’re reading this, I am ACTUALLY in Colorado. Thanks to the miracle of wordpress scheduling, I’m able to prearrange all this music for you while I’m hiking and camping and doing the outdoor living thing. By proxy, you too are in Colorado too, or at least enjoying the music of the mountainous state.

Location aside, I can safely rest knowing that this week’s features have been varied indeed. Today’s feature, Air Dubai, is no exception to variety. They sound is a seamless patchwork of pop, hip-hop, soul, rock and electronic. Most bands that have hip-hop flavors don’t have actually instrumentalists in the band; not the case with Air Dubai. This seven-piece is live and loud and animated as all get out on stage.

Oh – they’re presently on tour too! Check out the Air Dubai Official Website for tour dates and more music.

Off the box,
Mike ep