Tennis: Living the Lush Life in Lo-Fi

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I should be getting a check from Denver’s tourism department. This light and poppy band named Tennis is another Denver original. Who know Denver had it so good? Maybe they’re like Seattle in not trying to talk up their town so much to prevent more people from moving there. Austin – How did you not learn this lesson?!

To continue on with lessons, I’ve always understood a fairly normal one was to keep your relationships and work separate. Tennis seems to buck the standards on this one. The core of the group is made up of husband and wife Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley. There is no doubt that, like any couple, they have rough spots. Their life on paper, however, reads like one that would turn many of us green with envy (or puke from how cheesy and dreamy it sounds). The couple met in college studying Philosophy. They started a band after returning to dry land after a seven month long sailing trip along the East Coast.

I don’t see a hard knock life in their tale, but they sure can play some pretty songs. Listen and judge for yourself. If you’ve gotten this far, I implore you, look at their website. It cracked me up. Here is the link to the Tennis Official Website. Go there and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

off the box,
mike ep