Snake Rattle Rattle Snake: a vaccination against shiny happy people

Find that dark and heavy part of your soul with help from these numbers
– Kafka and the Milk
– Like a Moth
– Break the Same
– Adoration
– Hastily

You know that feeling you get when listening to the Cure? FYI – I’m operating under the pretense that you enjoy the Cure. By enjoy, I mean you have a tendency to dark and brooding mindsets that you deepen through sad bastard music. If you ever get that way, or are just enjoy spacey rock, you will likely dig the Denver five-piece known as Snake Rattle Rattle Snake.

I’ve yet to see them, but with two drummers, two guitars, bass, keyboards and the ethereally-voiced Hayley Helmericks, I would bet you a pretty penny they kill it. If they pass through your town, give them a shot. They’re on tour right now too.

Here’s a link to the Snake Rattle Rattle Snake Official Website. Their Daytrotter Session is one of the best I’ve heard.

Off the box,
Mike ep