Portland Cello Project: High Society’s PCP

Enjoy the deep and silly experience that is loving the Portland Cello Project
– All the pretty lights (Kanye West)
– Hands In Pockets
– Get By (Talib Kweli)
– Take 5 (a ’59 track by the Dave Brubeck Quartet)
– Tallymarks
– Halo (theme song from the video game of the same name)
– Por Una Cabeza (from True Lies…way to kill it Arnold. Kidding! A 1935 argentine tango by Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Le Pera)

Classical music and instruments generally get a bad rap. A musically shallow perception is that anything related to classical music is hoity-toity and the 99% should turn their nose up at it. Vive la resistance!

First off, that opinion is dumb. Music is music and if it’s good it should matter naught from what instrument it flies. Second, you obviously have not heard of the Portland Cello Project. This creative and clever ensemble from the Pacific Northwest knows how to mix it up. The run the gambit and play cover songs from Pantera to Britney Spears to their own more refined material.

If you believe variety is the spice of life, you should add this group to your metaphorical musical cabenet. Listen to and find out more about this band at the Portland Cello Project Official Website.

off the box,
mike ep