Yuna: Southeast Asia’s New Jewel

Southeast Asia, why all the secrets? The Western Defense wing suspects you nuclear capabilities. The Social Science community questions your moral constitution regarding civil rights. That’s all fine and well and there are some very persistent people following up on all that jazz. All I really want to know about is how come you didn’t tell me about Yuna sooner? This young lady is huge on the social media sites though you wouldn’t think it to ask a red-blooded American. Yuna has 1.1 million ‘Likes’ and counting. Thankfully, Malaysia’s new jewel is finally making her way westward.

While popularity in the west can be very helpful in the stardom arena, I’ve the inclination Yuna would be doing alright on her own without us. Outside of her music endeavors, she has a law degree and is co-owner of a clothing boutique called IAMJETFUEL. Since this is a music blog, maybe we should talk about her sound? Yes, lets.

It’s light and melodic, rather beautifully simplistic. Without a lot of pomp and circumstance, this young lady has managed to fill a musical void in me. What she lacks in virtuoso she more than makes up for in emotion and conveyance. I haven’t heard something like this in a while and me likey. I think you will too.

Here is the link to the Yuna Official Website for more.

Off the box,
mike ep