Jai Paul: Oz cooks up some crazy beats (but stays behind the curtain)

The highlights
– Jasmine (demo)
– BTSTU (edit)

British singer/producer Jai Paul is a bit reclusive and unique. Yes, most artists can be colorful characters, it’s true. The little I do know about him has me intrigued.

The beats, first and foremost, are amazing. He is with the XL Recordings label, who has some of the biggest names in music at present (Adele, Jack White, Radiohead). Then you get to his website. (facepalm)  The website is so low-budget, it looks like it may be a presently available Myspace profile template. One of these things is not like the others! I couldn’t possibly tell you what all is going on in Paul’s wheelhouse, but amongst the oddities that take up his time and mind are some sick beats you’ll want at your next party (be it a kegger or a “deep thoughts with jack handy” kind of shindig).

See the Jai Paul Official Website for yourself and interpret it for yourself.

off the box,
mike ep