Kopecky Family Band: fiction stronger than blood

Reasons you should give this band your time
– Howlin’ At the Moon
– Animal
– Little Baby Sister
– It
– Trainwreck
– Embraces

This is weird. Okay, I only say weird because this sensation is such a rarity. I like everything I’ve heard by Kopecky Family Band. I don’t say that kind of thing with any kind of frequency. They’ve one or two songs that I’m like “that’s okay” but the rest of it is damn good. If I could etch-a-sketch my brain and start over, those songs that I’m simply ‘okay’ with would probably sound pretty good.

While not a family by blood, the members do seem to know each other in the offbeat way that most families do. Here is a small bit from them an interview (with Spinner) that speaks to the random ways they know one another:

“Every morning the band will wake up to a text message that includes an inspirational quote or joke and the Nashville weather report. This is Kelsey’s way of helping the boys wake up on the right side of the bed. Gabe’s glasses fall down his nose without fail every set. David is a tech savvy genius. Markus is one of six kids. Steven lived in the Philippines for most of his life. Kelsey runs eleven miles on the weekends for fun. Ben can play every instrument and everyone’s parts, probably with his eyes closed. Corey will teach you a life lesson without saying a thing.”

By the bye, they are not in fact, a blood related band. Nonetheless, they may start showing up in your life with alarming regularity (like most new family members). I am speaking in the auditory way alone, but you never know, right?

Listen to more of them and love them at the Kopecky Family Band Official Website. Free Downloads available of their initial two EPs (2007’s From Our Family To Yours and 2008’s Embraces) at their Bandcamp Page.

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