Michael Kiwanuka: vintage soul makes a proper return to the limelight

Fall in love with tracks
– I’m getting Ready
– I’ll Get Along
– Tell Me A Tale
– They Say I’m Doing Just Fine
– Worry Walks Beside Me

Michael Kiwanuka looks like his songs: worn, disheveled and from days gone by. This talented young man has been compared to some greats. You may be thinking, “Yeah, yeah…people get compared to greats all the time though.” I’m right there with you, of times, those comparisons are bollocks and a cheap way catch attention by mentioning a big name. This chap is legit though, being fairly compared with such greats Van Morrision and Otis Redding.

Kiwanuka is the son of Ugandan parents who had escaped the Amin regime. While not personally knowing life in a country with military rule and persecution of ethnic groups, he had troubles finding his own place growing up in Londontown. Being turned on to people like Dylan and Redding, Kiwanuka found his place in the refuge of music and dove in himself. He has been recording for the last few years and really began getting traction in the last year. Don’t be the last person to hear his name and music (in the States that is, his name is a household one now across the pond).

Listen to more and find out about his whereabouts at the Official Michael Kiwanuka Website.

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p.s. He’s touring RIGHT NOW in the states. Check out these dates and places to find if he’s coming to a place near you or yours.