Julia Marcell: creating joyous sounds with an untrained heart and hand

Bang pots, yell nonsensical words and revel in being untrained and awkward with theses songs
– Night of the Living Dead
– Dancer
– Billy Elliot
– Married to Life
– Carousel
– Sixteen, Ten Years Later

Julia Marcell (born Julia Górniewicz) is one of those artists who fascinates despite the fact that she is self-trained and english is her second language. I think its amazing, but I’m also not a musician and can only imagine the kind of envy that such natural talent could rouse. It’s probably no surprise that this Polish singer-songwriter has created some very unique songs and arrangements. Her first full length album was released in 2009. She did release a new album last year, but we’re not going to talk about that here (least not while I’m in charge here).

If you love quirky artists like Regina Spektor and artists that use hand claps, foot stomps and whatever they can get their hands on to help make the right kind of sound for their songs, then you should give Marcell’s freshmen album a listen ‘It Might Like You’.

Music, merchandise and more about her at the Julia Marcell Official Website.

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