Balmorhea: Beauty and Sorrow drawn from the barren womb of West Texas

Remember what it was to be moved by music before you clung to lyrics in
– harm & boon
– truth
– settler
– rememberance
– if you only knew the rain

The members of Balmorhea are not big talkers. As a matter of fact, it’s a rarity you’ll hear so much as a peep out of one of their mouths while playing music. Outside of minimal vocals, this minimalist instrumental ensemble from Austin, Texas doesn’t say too much about themselves. Look for website bios, wikis and facebook ‘about’ sections and mums the word. You’ll find that they’re a sextet, they took their name from a small town in West Texas and the groups founding members are Rob Lowe and Michael Muller. No, not THE Rob Lowe but one I’d argue is well worth your attention.

And if you heard “instrumental” and “minimalist” and were ready to move on, I strongly ask you to reconsider. These arrangements are delivered with such sweeping emotion that it’s to believe that there were not created as accompaniment to some film john williams is doing the music for.

I ask you to sit down. Press play. Close your eyes. And let the beauty and sorrow of this exquisite music wash over you. And don’t forget to breathe.

More at the Official Balmorhea Tumble Website.

off the box,
mike ep