Born Gold: A turkey reborn as the newborn babe of King Midas

Dance like a crazy person to these catchy and wild tracks
– Lawn Knives
– Boring Horror
– Wrinklecarver
– Morning Bath
– Decimate Everything

Canadian Cecil Frena is the physical embodiment of the band Born Gold. Frena’s first big venture in music was under the moniker Gobble Gobble in 2009. Him being Canadian, I couldn’t help but get a kick out of a band name that is synonymous with turkeys. What I want to know is what transformed our good neighbor from the northern country from a turkey to King Midas’ newborn babe?
That I cannot tell you as there is not much on the books about Frena. What I can say is that Born Gold is pop experimental electronica of a deeply infectious nature. While there is not about his person on his website, if you believe you can tell a lot of someone by where they’ve been, you should see the Born Gold website. On it, there is a complete tour history. Some venues that caught my eye were Billy Idol’s son’s house, the Drunken Unicorn (Atlanta) and Castle Awesome (Edmondton). Look for more on the artist and his whereabouts on the Born Gold Official Website. If you enjoy the music, you should know that you can pay what you like to purchase the entire debut album on the Born Gold Bandcamp page.

Off the box,
Mike EP
p.s. Shout out to my friend Babs for setting my sights on this artist.