Mariachi El Bronx: who knew alter egos could be so much fun?

Spin a seniorita to these spicy numbers
– 48 Roses
– Revolution Girls
– Poverty’s King
– Happy Birthday Guadalupe

Los Angeles has always struck me a wild place. The existence of this band has done nothing but further solidify my beliefs. Mariachi El Bronx is the alter-ego of the Los Angeles-based band The Bronx. Yes, I said the band is the alter-ego of another band. Please try to shake the confusion from your head and bear with me here.

Let me tell you a story…no, a story would take too long. Let me sum up. Created in 2002, this band mainly focused on a sound that would fall in the bucket of hardcore punk or rock. People seemed to like them well enough and I’m mostly a live and let live kind of guy (unless we’re talking insects). In 2007, this band decided to do something that really got some attention. They told everyone “we’re going to release two albums at the same time this year: one will be a punk record and one will be mariachi.” Laughs, applause would no doubt ensue. Listeners would wipe the tears from their eyes, thank the Bronx for the laugh and then realized with mixed feelings that the band was genuinely planning on doing just what they said.

Regardless of what reaction you and others might have had to such genre switching behavior, the point is they have gotten a LOT of attention. For my money, the attention is well warranted. With sounds that are rooted to Hispanic culture, lyrics that tell tragedies and comedies and the absence of the “AYAYAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAY” yells, this band is one to catch. They’re hitting all the big festivals this year and getting other touring in to boot.

Listen to and find out more about the band at the Mariachi El Bronx Official Website.