Foxy Shazam: How microphone stands learn the true meaning of ‘nasty’

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– Unstoppable
– A dangerous man
– Oh Lord
– Welcome to the Church of Rock and Roll

Foxy Shazam is a glam rock band who Freddy Mercury would have approved of. For those of you who are musically shallow, Freddy Mercury was the lead singer of the legendary band Queen. While I’m sure he’d love the fact that glam rock is a ‘thing’ these days, I doubt he’d blanketly say that all glam rock is good.

I’m by no means saying that Foxy Shazam could go toe to toe with Queen (lets not get crazy here). Foxy doesn’t have the guitar of Brian May. Foxy doesn’t harmonize like a chorus of angels. What Foxy does have is a hellova lot of personality and stage presence more drawing than most televized disasters. Don’t believe me? Watch the videos. WATCH THEM NOW!!!

In their bio, Foxy’s frontman Eric Nally gives you a small taste of that personality when discussing himself and band mates. Here are some of my favorite snippets:

“Alex, our trumpet player is my right hand man and as a matter of fact he is transcribing this for me right now…we picked him up on the corner of Hollywood and Las Palmas.

Loren, our guitar player is a weird guy…everyone that meets him gets the impression that he’s mad at them but that’s not the case, it’s just the way his face looks.

Daisy, our bass player has been in the band for about three years. To be honest, I don’t know too much about him and I like him like that. That’s what makes him Daisy. However, I do know that his contribution to our band is enormous and without him we would not sound the way that we do.

Aaron our drummer…I would never be caught dead in the clothes he wears but, hey, to each his own. His drum playing is not fancy but it’s extremely solid and is exactly what we’ve been looking for all these years.

Last but not least is Sky White, our pianist…the second I saw him stand on his keyboard with a piñata on his head I knew we had to get him in Foxy Shazam.”

Now I want you to reread the quotes with the realization that Nally’s natural speaking voice is a high falsetto. Love them or leave them, Foxy Shazam is an attention-grabbing bizarrity that is sure to get second looks.

Learn more at the Foxy Shazam Official Website.

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